Cirurgia Plástica em Rio de Janeiro

Brazil’s capital, Rio de Janeiro is known all over the world for obvious reasons such as being a tourist city. Rinoplastia em Rio de Janeiro is however responsible for the influx of many tourists, making it a top health tourist destination.

So, what is rhinoplasty? Let’s first take a look at it in detail.

Rinoplastia Rio de Janeiro

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is also known as nose surgery. It is carried out by an individual to reconstruct the shape or alignment of the nose.

Some of the patients undertaking this surgery are those with birth defects, breathing problems or those doing it for purely cosmetic and aesthetic reasons.

Eligibility For The Surgery

Rhinoplasty is done by professional cosmetic surgeons or by general surgeons.

The surgeon will ensure that the patient meets the following requirements for the surgery:

• Must be 15 years of age and above

• Must be Physically fit and healthy

• Must have complete facial growth

• Must be stable emotionally

The Procedure for Rinoplastia Cuiaba

First, pre-analysis of the nose is done some days to the surgery.

On the day of surgery, the patient is given general or local anesthesia. Cartilage is drawn from other parts of the body such as the ear and ribs or from the septum, found in the middle of the nose. This results in either the reduction or the increase in the size of the nose.

If the patient’s reason for surgery is to correct breathing problems caused by a deviated septum, the nose is straightened to allow free movement of air through the nostrils.

Rhinoplasty generally lasts for about 1-2 hours.

Post-operative Care

• The patient is hospitalized for about 12-24 hours immediately after the surgery.

• Pool and physical activity are not allowed for 30 days.

• The nose is wrapped up with a bandage for a week.

• The patient should not consume alcohol one week from surgery

• The patients should sleep on their backs.

• The patient must avoid sun exposure for a month.

Rio de Janeiro takes pride in its numerous rhinoplasty clinics. Moreover, it has famous professional aesthetic plastic surgery surgeons who are renowned the world over. This has made it a top destination for Rhinoplasty procedures.

Many people from all corners of the world visit this great city just to get rhinoplasty in Rio de Janeiro. This, in turn, makes them feel lovely and comfortable with their looks.

Some of the clinics in Rio de Janeiro that offer rhinoplasty include:

1. Passy Clinic

This clinic is owned by a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. David Passy. He has a team of professional plastic surgeons to help you look as pretty as you may wish.

2. Center of Plastic Surgery and Reconstruction

It was founded by Dr. Domingos Quintella De Paola who has over 40 years experience in plastic surgery.

3. Diogo Franco Cirurgia Plastica

It is headed by surgeon Dr. Diogo Franco.


The clinics listed above are just a few of the many found in Rio de Janeiro that offer rhinoplasty. Other clinics are:

• Esthetic Life

• Oeste Platicas

• Vikaara Klinik

• Escultural Center

•Cosmetic vacations

• Dr. Eduardo Sucupira Plastic surgery

And much more.